U.S. National Guard

Wanting Better for My Kids

Troy W.  •  Layton, UT  •  Steak Specialist

Who helped you cope with relocations and/or deployments?

Family, friends and co-workers.

What did you miss most from home?

My daughters. I wanted a better life for my kids…my life was about them. They loved seeing me in uniform. They’d write big, long essays on how proud they were, and I’d tear up every time.

What did you learn about yourself through your military experience?

Not to take family or home for granted. I was a lot stronger emotionally than expected, and also how to be disciplined…having a sense of integrity.

We often hear after friends and family, a taste of home is what our servicemembers miss the most. What home-cooked meal did you crave when you were away?

Anything barbecued…mainly a good ribeye steak.

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