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More Than I Imagined

Steven B.  •  Dayton, OH  •  Hamburger Booster

Who helped you cope with relocations and/or deployments?

Friends, and my father especially, who was my hero and a Navy Seabee in Desert Storm. When I was a kid, I got to be around him and his fellow officers…I just idolized them.

The USO was a big help in providing phones and computers we could pay to use, and you could put your name on a list to email with random people. Over there you feel more alone than you ever have and email really helped out.

What did you miss most from home?

Being able to relax. Over there you’re on guard 24/7…you’re always watching your back. It was nice to be able to just try and be yourself again at home. And family…my grandpa’s farm with the birds chirping, clear skies and fresh air.

What did you learn about yourself through your military experience?

I was far more capable of enduring and doing more things than I imagined.

We often hear after friends and family, a taste of home is what our servicemembers miss the most. What home-cooked meal did you crave when you were away?

My grandpa’s hamburger bread…a recipe passed down from his grandpa. I always requested it as soon as I got home. It’s simple. It has to use fresh meat ground that day, bread (we love Private Selection™ Bread) and seasonings. And he adds cheese because I love cheese.

I still have not gotten the recipe out of him…he said one day he’ll tell me. It’s one of his lures to get me to come out to his farm and see him.

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