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Friends Were a Big Help

Seth R.  •  Great Bend, KS  •  Lasagna Lover

Who helped you cope with relocations and/or deployments?

Friends were a big help. I also got advice from my father, a former Army officer. But it wasn’t just friends and family…it was people you didn’t even know. A couple of times I got mail from local elementary school kids…I thought that was awesome.

What did you learn about yourself through your military experience?

I had the ability to be a leader, and I learned to communicate well and inspire others, which helped me make friends easily.

We often hear after friends and family, a taste of home is what our servicemembers miss the most. What home-cooked meal did you crave when you were away?

My mother’s homemade lasagna…it’s fantastic. Reminds me of being at home in the country, hanging out with my dogs.

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