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Leading By Example

BH B.  •  Costa Messa, CA  •  Pancake Appreciator

Who helped you cope with relocations and/or deployments?

Family and the Navy. My family and I sent tapes…it was nice to hear a person’s voice. And the USO was always welcoming when we were ashore…providing information on local culture, as well as a home away from home with food and entertainment. But it was not coping for me…I was honored to serve my country.

What did you learn about yourself through your military experience?

My secondary job was a Triage Corpsman. While treating casualties, I found that because of my training I was able to perform my job professionally, calmly and with diligence under great pressure and high stress.

I also learned how to lead by example. I used this throughout my career at Ralphs, twice becoming Associate of the store, once of the district, and once the runner-up of all Ralphs Associates. And working as a Barista, I’m now their Barista champion…for a 75-year-old guy, that’s something.

We often hear after friends and family, a taste of home is what our servicemembers miss the most. What home-cooked meal did you crave when you were away?

My Norwegian mother’s Swedish pancakes. She grew up on a farm and was a great cook. The pancakes remind me of the warmth of family…food is a bond between family.

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